Flexbox is now a CSS module with a really great support (regarding CanIUse). It's time for you to adopt this module and deal with it for real projects you're working on. Its power is big enough to make it essential in your front-end developement daily habits. It's a huge time saver to create efficient, flexible et strong layouts.

Why this site?

Flexbox.ninja is here to bring you help on the more common usage, and some tips when using Flexbox Layout on little component, but also aon big complicated layout.
Flexbox is one of the new Layout system you should know, so don't forget to have a look on Grid Layout too!

Who's working on it?

I'm Geoffrey Crofte, a UX/UI Designer with affinity with accessibility, UX, front-end development, Ninjas and Kittens, living at Luxembourg City and working with the awesome Maltem Team.
I love sharing things —HTML, CSS, UX, UI, WordPress tips— on my blog and here and there on the web.

How to contribute?

This website is composed with a simple system that allows you to contribute through this Github repository. The explanations are available on the readme. If you want to report error on the website, use the issues for that :)

Special thanks

Ah! Thanks to Stéphanie Walter for the Ninja in the header.

Come to see me on Twitter if you want to talk :)

They talked about it

You welcomed this initiative with sweet words, and I would like to thank you.

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